It's been a long time, we shouldnuf' left you...

This one's for you.  Yep, you, former high school student, who created photo-inspired artwork in your spare time because you just so happened to love the music of a certain then-emerging a cappella quartet...

And it's also for you, the super friendly couple who stopped us last Tuesday in the middle of Main St. downtown Manchester and said, "Red No. 5!!! Are you singing tonight?!? We bought your c.d. last year and we listen to it all the time!"  *yay!*

And for you, too, awesome 4th-grade boy, who ran into us eating breakfast at an outdoor cafe in Cape Cod and asked "Are you The Red Five?" And when we were done picking our jaws up off the sidewalk because you remembered us performing at your summer camp the year before, we happily sang your personal request of "Crayola" under the Hyannis-blue sky. 

Every year around this time, we shed our caterpillar exoskeletons and emerge from the winter cocoon.  We emerge ready with our love for music, our love of friendship, and our love of sharing our passion with those around us.  Thanks to our Red No. Fans for always being awesome, and always reminding us why we do what we do.  This one's for all of you.

*artwork by Jesse Alson  

Baby, Baby (Baby) (Baby?)

Choose your artist (Steve Earle, Amy Grant, TLC, The Biebs, many others) and sing the title of this post accordingly.  We're usually singing the Mint Juleps version.   


Red No. 5 is proud to introduce…SweetPea "Enrique" McMeatball! The first Y-chromosome ever to belong to the traditionally all-female ensemble, this boy-soprano will be stealing all of Mary Kate's vocal parts until he reaches puberty.  Chosen for his clear intonation and unusual beat-boxing abilities, SweetPea brings an element of unpredictability to the live show of the now-quintet.  SweetPea has the group's repertoire solidly in hand, having sat in on all rehearsals and performances for the last nine months. He will be joining the group for all future performances after a brief hiatus while he masters the complex hand percussion of "Crayola".   The women of Red No. 5 are excited to see what new opportunities arise with the addition of this new young member.  

This is how we do it.

It's important to us to keep things democratic in this group.  It's not usually difficult, but when a musical ensemble is coming off of a five-year semi-dormancy, there are a lot of decisions to be made.  We needed to get on the same page, priorities-wise.

We have a real-life lobbyist and political organizer in our midst, and she shared a strategy used by one of the regional community groups she runs.  It's a strategy used to help make sure everyone's voice is heard - and by "voice" we mean "ten teeny-tiny stickers in bright colors", and by "heard" we mean "adhered to a series of index card doodled on by Sumitra".  Well, when we do it that's what it means.  We try to get our voices heard in other ways.  

This strategy is highly recommended.  Effective and adorable, if Sumitra is willing to doodle for you.  

Reunited and it feels so good...

Red No. 5 is back!  We've spent the last five years maintaining a long-distance musical relationship.  It's been fun... but it ain't been easy.  After celebrating our 10th birthday last October, we confirmed once again that neither time nor distance could ever keep us apart.  Now with all the Red No. Gals back in town, we are prepping ourselves for various acts of scene-stealing around Connecticut and its environs!  We can't wait to see you, so stay tuned for future updates!

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