Baby, Baby (Baby) (Baby?)

Choose your artist (Steve Earle, Amy Grant, TLC, The Biebs, many others) and sing the title of this post accordingly.  We're usually singing the Mint Juleps version.   


Red No. 5 is proud to introduce…SweetPea "Enrique" McMeatball! The first Y-chromosome ever to belong to the traditionally all-female ensemble, this boy-soprano will be stealing all of Mary Kate's vocal parts until he reaches puberty.  Chosen for his clear intonation and unusual beat-boxing abilities, SweetPea brings an element of unpredictability to the live show of the now-quintet.  SweetPea has the group's repertoire solidly in hand, having sat in on all rehearsals and performances for the last nine months. He will be joining the group for all future performances after a brief hiatus while he masters the complex hand percussion of "Crayola".   The women of Red No. 5 are excited to see what new opportunities arise with the addition of this new young member.