This is how we do it.

It's important to us to keep things democratic in this group.  It's not usually difficult, but when a musical ensemble is coming off of a five-year semi-dormancy, there are a lot of decisions to be made.  We needed to get on the same page, priorities-wise.

We have a real-life lobbyist and political organizer in our midst, and she shared a strategy used by one of the regional community groups she runs.  It's a strategy used to help make sure everyone's voice is heard - and by "voice" we mean "ten teeny-tiny stickers in bright colors", and by "heard" we mean "adhered to a series of index card doodled on by Sumitra".  Well, when we do it that's what it means.  We try to get our voices heard in other ways.  

This strategy is highly recommended.  Effective and adorable, if Sumitra is willing to doodle for you.